Dumb question - Not sure if I should be enabling Navigation tick in Syn3 or not

I don’t believe I purchased the “nav package” when I got my car. So Nav doesnt work on the car. But I see the big nav compass button and know if I did purchase the Nav package it’s possible to get it on this model car. So I’m not sure if my car is considered a “Nav model” and I should check Navigation in syn3? Or since it’s not a feature I purchased I should not be checking nav?

A compass is not navigation, it just points the heading the car is driving to.
You could be in the jungle with a compass at hand. Sure, you will know to which direction a mountain is located, but you won’t know what’s behind a mountain unless you have a map.

The same applies to your car.
Unless you have native maps while driving the car you do not have nav.

I figured, just wasn’t sure if my car was “nav capable”, despite not having access, and thus I should be checking navigation in Syn3.

The reason I came here is because my car was just at Lincoln for several weeks for bodywork. And audio does not work. It just says “audio off” on my screen and tapping it does nothing. Audio was fine before I took it in. Tried a master reset and no luck.

Can’t afford to be out of a car for a few more weeks so was going to see if maybe upgrading my car from 3.0 to 3.4 Sync could resolve this.

Or in your opinion it could be something hardware related and I shouldn’t mess with it and wait till I can take it back to Lincoln?

NAV requires another type of APIM, with more storage for allocating maps.

If your car started having issues AFTER some work was done on it , there’s your main culprit. So no, I would not mess with it.

And yes, if the work done was bodywork, who knows what they did to it.
Maybe they pinched a cable or something like that.

But if audio was working before, it should work now.

You can always perform a master reset to see if for some reason the unit is protecting itself, but no guarantees.

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