During the installation I get a message PKG_ERR04

hello I currently have a sync on 3.4.20021. using the ford sync update downloader application i download sync3.4.20196 and f9 (2019) eu maps (09/2020) after inserting the pendrive into usb the message is installing but after a few seconds I get the error PKG_ERR04. What do I do with it?

you are trying to use reformat and that won’t work on 19274+, use the manual configuration as per the related community thread Sync 3.4.20196 - Feedback & Issues - #42 by tombalt

ok thanks i will try.
if I want to install a new logo and voice packs, I have to choose them there too? Is installing APPS alone enough?

you can select logo and voice packs also

Thank you very much. Update uploaded. Everything works.