Dynamic lines missing after battery low and wrong config on shut down

i changed my sync 1 to sync 3 on my european Ford Focus 2013 and everything is (was) working fine except one thing:
if i switch off the ignition the System shut down immediately not even if the door is opened.
If i turn on ignition the system starts and runs for 20minutes.
there is no difference between engine off and complete shut off.

second and new problem is that after my car battery was low (some months ago) the dynamic parking lines are no more visible. Only the distance “cubes” on the bottom. Tried to reset the BCMii and change the value under “BCMii module configuration” > “RVC connection” from CAN to LIN but the value is not changed after saving. Seem i can’t write the BCMii module configuration. I would try to change it via Asbuilt but i can`t find any informations about this values in any AsBuilt database

Maybe the illiumination gateway setting. See the Sync 3 asbuilt database…
Sync 3 APIM Database - CyanLabs

Changing the values back to the originals. Reset the BCM.
Ford Focus 2013, run the “find new module” or LIN calibration on the BCM.
You will need to drive it shortly to find out if it works.

Thank you very much. i remember that i had some issues with the illumination gateway settings after installation. so this is avery good point. I will try.

Also i will reset the BCM Values to original and try the other things. But don`t remeber i have seen “find new module” in forscan. Do you know where to find? In the tools or maintanence section?


tried to change illumination gateway strategy but the problem is not solved. Don’t know if it’s important, but after shuft to reverse the black dotted center line and the dnymic lines are shown for approx. 1 second.

Also tried to Load Factory BCMii Values, but i never changed anything teher. Nothing i do will change the CAN to LIN. The value is not saved anymore.

BCMii_20220713_172319.abt (243 Bytes)

APIM_20220713_171604.abt (495 Bytes)

i made an APIM Selfcheck and got this code:
Code: B1087 - LIN-Bus A

Does this describe the issue?

Help - APIM - Sync3.4 - DTC B1087: 01-0B - Lin Bus ‘A’ not disappear - Ford / AsBuilt Configuration - CyanLabs Official Community

i dont think so. Its possible that i have a CAN Connection instead of LIN. For one year the lines were visible, they are only away since my battery was under 12V because my dashcam was running for some days in the garage

i now have APIM AsBuolt of two other Focus (Facelift) Cars with Sync 3 and Navigation. I would try to load the full APIM AsBuilt into my car after complete backup.
Or is it a very bad idea?

Good idea, but make sure you have a complete backup of your APIM first. Safety net…

Did you make progress on this issue?

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