Enabling Park Assist in Sync 3 (For those that have done a Sync 2 > Sync 3 Upgrade)

No luck with the Module Reset.
I’ll see if Forscan can shed any light.

Is the DTC still active?

I don’t know if this will help, but DanMc85 has a very comprehensive post at 2GFusions. Maybe there is something there…


Forscan is saying it’s because my module doesn’t have any AsBuilt available to modify.

Gonna try to get hold of a few different modules to see if I can get any to work.

I thought the PAM was integral to the BCM?

I’m at a loss at the moment until I can try some other PAM modules.
The one I’ve definitely works I.e. beeps when close to object at rear or front.

If I’m right, the PAM is wired into the BCM so is it possible that my BCM is misconfigured and preventing access to PAM?

Yes, but I don’t know what would be wrong. Maybe someone else will know?


Strange just gets stranger!
Just gone to Motorcraft to get factory AsBuilt to see if my BCM has any mis-matches as I’ve not knowingly altered it.

PAM is meant to be block 736, motorcraft doesn’t have anything for 736 for me :frowning:
So does look like my PAM as is can’t be programmed.

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So on the focus the PAM is a seperate module (example part number F1ET-15K866-AG)

I guess some vehicles may have it integrated to the bcm, you can confirm by using ETIS. If you want to PM me your vin I can find this out.

Was assuming mine to be a separate module as I can updates it’s firmware and see it in Forscan.
Here’s my VIN: WF0AXXWPMAEL36161

Yes you do have a pam, part number:

As your vehicle is a 2014 Kuga the contents of this thread are largely irrelevant as it came with Sync 1 I assume. I’d suggest you consult with a Kuga forum.

im new here.i have changed my sync2 to sync 3 with 3.4 20194.At the moment works all fine, but the Parkassist at my Ford Kuga MK2 2016 just will not work right.
I have changed the as built from xxxx-07 to xxxx-08,at my Modelyear is the Parkassist just can park parallel at the Moment.But I don’t have any idea where I can change that it works.
In the PAM Modul is the last Firmware that Forscan find.and I can#t see a as built in the PAM Modul.Forscan Version 2.4.2 beta extended Lizenz.
Have anyone I tip?
greets Tobias

So it’s interesting as another user mentioned not being able to see the pam module on a Kuga recently, I’d recommend asking on the forscan forum as it may be a new bug?

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Hi there,

This is the Answer.


It most likely means there is no As Built Data in this PAM module .

FORScan Team

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OK, interesting. I wonder if you could upgrade the module itself to a newer one?

at ForScan,i can update the Modul,but the is no newer Software.

The Parkassistent works with xx03-xx at the AS Built in APIM,no Errors,but at the end of parking modus, the Display is shift to the left side and I can just see the half of the font.
Where I have now the Problem?!

I don’t understand what you mean, please post a picture

You have a 2016 Kuga MK2, does it have 12 sensors and what was the original asbuilt? If you changed 7D0-04-02 from 0007 xx to 0008 xx, you forced the system to parallel park only. 7D0-04-02 0003 xx is Front/Rear PDC SAPP (Configuration C2 or C4) (NA HMI), wrong for your vehicle. 7D0-04-02 0005 xx is more appropriate. But we still need to know the original value.

Parking Assistance: Park Out Assist (POA) / Perpendicular Park Assist (PPA) / Semi-Auto Parallel Park Assist (SAPP)

00=No PDC/PSM/SAPP (Non or Configuration C5)
01=Rear PDC (4 Sensors) (Configuration C1 or C3)
02=Front/Rear PDC (8 Sensors) (Configuration C6 or C7)
03=Front/Rear PDC SAPP (Configuration C2 or C4) (NA HMI)
04=Rear SAPP (NA HMI)
05=Front/Rear PDC SAPP (Configuration C2 or C4) (EU HMI)
06=Rear SAPP (EU HMI)
07=Rear/Front PDC with APA (12 Sensors) (Active Park + Parallel + Perpendicular + Park Out)
08=APA Lite (10 or less Sensors) (Parallel Park Only)
09=APA Lite Plus (SAPP/POA - 10 Channel) (10 Sensors) (Parallel and Park Out Only)

Have you reset the PAM with FORScan thru the Tools menu (the big wrench)?

So, I think I can confirm that Kuga’s for some reason have unprogrammable PAM modules. I’ve just replaced mine with a Focus module and Active Park Assist has come to life.

Some testing and programming to do, but I’d say the guide as is works for kuga’s but will require a PAM module swap.

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Thanks for the update, is the pam easily accessible on the kuga? Might be worth putting a guide up with some pictures as a few people have reported this recently.