Enabling Park Assist in Sync 3 (For those that have done a Sync 2 > Sync 3 Upgrade)

Yeh, it’s just behind the boot lining above rear right wheel. I do a mini how to once I’ve got the programming sorted and tested everything now actually works correctly.


yes we have the MK2 with original Sync 2, the AS Built was original xx03-xx. I also changed that to 03, now the parking assistant works so far too. Only the display is not correct. I have the PAM module once reset via the menu with the wrench.

Which module do I need for the Kuga? Does the connections fit? And how do I have to code it afterwards?

So the issue really is the display does not act the same as when it was Sync 2? This is not surprising, as the Sync3 display is different than Sync 2, and the video mapping will be different. This also happens on US PAM’s and IPMB modules. The only fix for those was to swap new modules that work with Sync 3. So I think that @w1ldthing is right in the approach to swap the module.

As you can see on the pictures above, the writing is shifted to the left, there are no other problems. Which module would I need for a 5/2016 Kuga? I’m looking for part numbers, is it 1867336?

I don’t know about the modules as I’m in the US. But maybe @w1ldthing can help out there…

ok, then I wait for a answer from him

@w1ldthing can you help out @grobi152 when you have time, thanks…

yes, i will see :smile:

I got hold of 3 module to test.
An up to date of exact same module (just last two letters increased)
A very similar module just from a much newer and higher spec Kuga.
A module from a Focus Mk3 with Active Park Assist.

The first two were a bust, same no showing up in Forscan and Active Park being “Cancelled By Driver”.
The focus one now has the Park Assist screen show up and disappears 10 seconds later because I’m assuming it’s not configured right.

I was messing with the as built tonight, but like a rookie I drained the battery so can’t test it yet.
Feeling it’s all down to programming now !
Fingers crossed.

have you Any News? Today I looked at the APIM and the PAM module of a work colleague of a newer Kuga and compared them. There were some other values, but none that changed my problem. The module with the F1ET number is built into it. There I could also see the AS Built, and his APIM had fewer setting options

Does your colleagues Kuga have active park assist?

If so, could you note down the apim and Pam as built - I’ll try them in Mine to see if they bring things to life.

Also need to figure changing from looking for space on right to left (uk driving / parking)

i have here the Pictures

I have the same issue as well, Keen to get a solution

I don’t see how this would be a screen layout issue as the screens are the same size and everything works fine until it uses the rear camera.

Can I ask users with this issue to post this elsewhere as this topic is specifically for enabling Park assist.

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Go to this thread to discuss this, please…

What gives for news?

Getting close I think.
Button reacts normally, screen shows correct screen. The only thing to figure is for some reason the active park screen disappears after about 10 seconds.

Need to clear any dtc and do a couple of module resets to see if things come back to life and stay alive - otherwise still got to refine some programming.