Enabling Park Assist in Sync 3 (For those that have done a Sync 2 > Sync 3 Upgrade)

If you have performed a Sync 2 > Sync 3 upgrade and have a high end Ford model with parking assist, you may now have found your parking assist is not working particularly well.

Firstly, if you are attempting this on a Ford Fusion/Mondeo, I’d recommend following the excellent guide here on the 2gfusions.net forum.

If you are attempting this on a Focus mk3.5 Titanium X the below contains asbuilt for your vehicle.

The good news is it is possible to get it working, but does require an update to your PAM (Parking Assist Module) firmware AND Asbuilt configuration updates. The additional benefit is that you can add additional capability in the form of perpendicular parking (reversing into Supermarket car park spaces) in additional to parallel parking.

If you have parking assist, you will have a button similar to this on your dash:


In Sync 3, this is the view you will see once configured. If you just enable the parking mode in the Sync AsBuilt without updating your PAM firmware/AsBuilt, you will see errors when trying to use the parking modes.

Sync 3 Parking Assist - note the different mode buttons on the screen:

Changes Needed:

:wave: First Step: take a backup of the AsBuilt for both your APIM and PAM modules using Forscan.

APIM (Sync 3) AsBuilt Updates

Enable Object Detection (the car icon that appears when putting the vehicle in reverse) - NOTE, only change this if you do not presently see the image when putting vehicle in reverse!:

7D0-01-01: #x##-####-####

A = Parking Sensor Display Enabled & Camera Enabled Illumination FNA (USA Default - Camera & Sensor)
B = Parking Sensor Display Enabled & Camera Enabled Illumination FoE (UK Default - Camera & Sensor)

Enable Flank Guard:

7D0-02-02: #x##-####-####

3= Enable Flank Guard Display (Also enables temperature read out in top bar of Sync 3)

Enable Parking Assist Module Type

7D0-04-02: ###x-##

7 = 12 Sensors (Active Park Assist + Parallel + Perpendicular + Park Out Assist) (UK Titanium X 12 sensors)
8 = 10 (or less) Sensors (Parallel Park Only) (APA Lite)
9 = 10 Sensors (Parallel and Park Out Only) (APA Lite Plus)

Firmware update your PAM (Parking Assist Module)

Your PAM will likely require a firmware update, though depending on the age of your vehicle this may not be totally required. Please follow the guide in the main forum
for ‘updating your APIM Firmware’, but instead of updating the APIM, select your Parking Assist Module.

You may want to try the below changes to your AsBuilt in your PAM first.

Configuration update to your PAM AsBuilt:

The configuration of the PAM module is not very well documented online, so we can only take examples of newer vehicles with both Sync 3 and full 12 sensor parking assist enabled and use these. Below are some examples for your reference:

Ford Focus Titanium X mk3.5 2018 (Full parking assist enabled with Sync 3):

Recommend using this one for Sync 3 on a Focus only:


Ford Focus Titanium X mk3.5 2015 (Full parking assist enabled with Sync 2):

Final Step: Wait…

Once configured, you will likely find the vehicle will not recognise the flank guard & new parking options immediately. Despite carrying out master resets of the APIM and waiting for 5 minutes with the vehicle switched off, I found the updates would not take effect.

However, about a week later and with no other changes made, the config took effect and now works perfectly.

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Nice work @Louage been super busy i see ;D meanwhile I’ve only just woke up.

@Louage Nice, I had the same problem, I have a focus and I updated the sync from 2 to 3, losing the flank guard.

I already configured my APIM and it does not appear, my PAM is configured as the one referring to Sync3 in your post!

Were you able to update the module’s firmware normally? No problem?

Thank you.

Ah excellent, I’m glad this has come in useful to someone else! I scratched my head big time on this and it took a lot more effort than I thought it would to get it working!

One interesting thing to add that I’ve noticed, the flank guard icons (ie the blocks down the side of the car) dont actually appear until the car moves. I think this is as the car needs to ‘scan’ the area by moving before it will show anything. Might be worth having a drive around in your vehicle if you have recently made the changes to see if it is actually working. That perplexed me for days before realising…

The PAM firmware update worked absolutely fine using an OBDLink EX for me. Worst case scenario, you can replace the PAM module (which is in the boot) for £20-30 off ebay. Drop me a PM if you want help identifying your model, I can do it from here with your VIN/registration if you are UK.

Man, it works!!

But just after update to 3.4!

Nice!! thank you so much!

Excellent, just to confirm do you mean the blocks ‘appear’ when you move the vehicle?

Hi there, Running Sync3.4 with SAPP activated, all works fine until you put the car into reverse, all the writing in the screen then vanishes off to the left hand side. Any ideas?

Many thanks


That’s a total new one to me! Assuming you have tried the usual master reset?


Thanks for this. I could not get it to work though after updating the PAM it was still the same. I had to go to BCM Main and disable then re enable the parking assistance. Then low and behold, it is now working! Happy days! :smiley:

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Glad to hear its useful, I think by accessing the bcm you would have forced a restart of all modules which probably solved it

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