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After a failed attempt using Ford files to upgrade my Sync 3 in my 2017 Fusion Energi I came across CyanLabs.

The process seemed simple enough. Answer a few questions, input the Sync info and download the files. Transfer those files to a 32G USB drive, start the car and install.

Not so easy it seems! The SYNC screen announced the upgrade then, almost immediately came the red screen of death ‘Error files not found’! That has now changed to various Ford Mustang logos and “Please insert USB etc. When I do that the red screen error returns, and that’s as far as I can go.

My original Sync was 3.0 Build 19205 along with Map version NA 1 15. I was just going doing a basic upgrade to your version 3.3 along with maps 19.

The dealer could do nothing with it.

Thanks for any guidance.


Please post the log file from the installation if you have it still.

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On top of that, did you leave another device connected to other USB port besides the CyanLabs drive?

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Unfortunately don’t have the log file, or if I do, I don’t know where or what it is!
What I downloaded was Sync 3.3 19052 with maps 1.19 NA which comprised 17 .gz files
The USB slots were empty.


The log is a text file in the USB you created, under the root or under SyncMyRide fielder… It’s literally called log.txt, you can’t miss it…

Ok, no other USB was connected, not even phones… And what about SD card reader? Does your car has something like that?

Try another USB port then…

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I didn’t create folders on the drive I just copied the downloaded files directly onto the drive.

If you did not create a SyncMyRide folder with the files in there, it would fail. You need to use the Syn3 Updater app to create the USB properly.

You can use all the files you already downloaded. Just put them in the Cyanlabs folder and insert a USB, then select the USB in the app and create the USB.

Thanks for that but I can’t seem to find the updater app.
I remember seeing a post about creating an MBR with two Ford files on it
then SyncMyRide goes into the Ist partition. Is that it?


Oh dear Lord…
So basically you did whatever you want and hoped for the best…

If you do not want to use the app, you have a manual method → Manual Method - Update to 3.4 - CyanLabs

For the automated tool, there’s also a tutorial: Windows Automated Method - Update to 3.4 - CyanLabs


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All good now. The SyncMyRide folder threw me as I the same folder name is used in the Ford update.
So far everything but the maps are up and running.
I assume they take a while to actually finalize. The timer is currently spinning under the Loading Maps header.
Hopefully that’s all and thank you everyone for the help and assistance.

Yep, it should take between 30 and 60 minutes, but more towards 30…

That link will stop working for HotLink Protection and IP/Time based reasons

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