Error code MEM_ERR01

What is your SYNC Region? EU

What is your current SYNC Version? 3.4.20196

Do you have Navigation? YES

Do you have a error message, if so what is it? Error code: MEM_ERR01

Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below

Please describe in detail your issue below
I want to update my sync3 version 3.4.20196 with F9 to 3.4.20120 with F10 and when I insert usb stick, I get this error:
“Installation failed
Error code: MEM_ERR01
Download files again and retry to install
If error persists, please note the code and contact 022-522-27-27”
I mention that I tried twice and received the same error.
The usb stick has 64 gb

Please post the log file from the app or usb…

OK. I deleted the usb, but I will do it again and I will post the log file. Thanks.

I solved the issue MEM_ERR01 ( no sufficient space on SYNC module) only after I did downgrade to SYNC 3.4.19101 (because after 3.4.19274 Ford close any way to reformat SYNC) after that I did reformat SYNC and finally I have installed SYNC 3.4.21020 with a F10 maps…I used a USB 3.1 64Gb
All files I need for downgrade, reformat and update I downloaded thru Syn3 Updater app from Cyanlabs…and SYNC works like charm right now, flawless without any issue. Everything takes around 4 hours …more or less

See this thread. Maybe easier just to follow these instructions and perform the install over again.

Syn3 Updater for My20! - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

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