Error: Could not establish trust relationship

Trying to install and download the packages, in Sync3 Updater. When it reaches about 45% of the way it will close out and this red box appears. error: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. The remote certification is invalid according to the validation procedure.

I’am having the exact same issue…… any luck?

:eyes: investigating but i don’t think i can do anything about it.

The certificate for Ford’s domain has expired. updating the url to use the other known domains. stay tuned

This is now fixed!

Seems ford are going to no longer use that old domain. (or someone just forgot to renew the certificate :eyes: :person_facepalming:, we shall find out on the next weekday)

Do we go through the same process to complete the download?

Yup, restart Syn3 Updater

Thank you! I will give it a shot.

Download was successful. Thanks

I’ve just done a test download of full sync 3.4.22251 software plus EU F11 maps and all was well

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