Error in extracting nav voice package

No problem. Yes, that’s it. I will review it once a have time and will post back the results.
What I want to confirm is which packages are on the unit and some basic configuration, but I’ve already seen from your previous screenshot that the file is not complete or correctly generated by the APIM, so I will see what I can find.

thank you!

Hello there.
I’ve reviewed the log, it seems “fine” from what’'s contained there, which is not complete.
Greece map is in fact installed, as long as other required navigation packages for EU.
And you have some space to spare.

Sadly, the APIM is not giving information about its model nor ASBUILT configuration.
ASBUILT is important since I wanted to see which region was configured in the APIM.

As I said before, even though Cyanlabs does not support changing regions you would be able to find relevant information online, even on this forum. So once you get your adapter and Forscan, review this thread for references of what needs to be done → Tutorial: Current EU Maps Installation on US Imported Vehicles

Hello again

I did yesterday a new update from the beggining and now the interrogator it works. When you have time please take a look about the region. I think i find something about region there

Sync_WU900027_1FATP8UH5G5215786.xml (10.5 KB)

Thank you, that’s a fully and properly created XML file.
You have a really old APIM, so maybe that’s why it’s acting a bit temperamentally.

Have you received the adapter?

No yet i hope to have it in about 15 days :slightly_smiling_face:

Your region is set to Poland. (504C)
You will need to set the region to Greece if that is where you are. (4752)

You have the correct map files installed.

Is there any update about this?
I’m setting a 7 days of inactivity autoclosure, just in case.

Hello again i received yesterday the adaptor so i will try tommorow to change the region so I will let you know as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face: thanks again

Okey!, let us know how it goes.

Hello i just opened the forscan with the adapter but i dont know where i can find the regions. And also i dont know if i need a licence key for the program to make this change.

All the information is located in the tutorial I quoted some time ago → Error in extracting nav voice package - #25 by SaNdMaN

About license, I think it’s not needed, but if you need one you can request a trial without issues.

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