Error Update Packages not found


today i started the upgrade from 3.0 to 3.4 but it seems to be it doesn’t work -> Update packages not found with a red screen and no way back to the current version is possible. i had chosen the manual variant. now i am trying the automatic variant. do i have to put all these files manualy to the usb stick and creating an autoinstall.lst. i am a little bit confused now :frowning: thanks for help

Please try an alternative usb with a fresh download using the application, or use the help button and request assistance on the discord

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Ok, thanks i will give it a try

manual method is broke currently due to changes in backend. Use the Windows app

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Ok i just read it today :frowning: my fault. currently i try the windows method everything is downloading right now. hopefully it works

Manual method now fixed.

Hi, short feedback, downloaded installed and happy, it looks great, much more better than the old one. Great work thumbs up


Excellent :+1: :grinning: let us know the outcome.