F150 Raptor 2018 from US to EU Navi

As it is a non EU car you won’t have it.

Have you changed your region to a DAB region in the ACM? You need both ACM and APIM.

For the ACM, 727-04-01 xxxx xx** **xx Country Code: 5553=U.S.

You need where you are that has DAB. See the APIM Database under the region tab on this site.

Again you can not get DAB working on a US ACM! This is not possible, we use completely different hardware, DAB is not even satelite based

DAB digital radio is a terrestrial-based system, which means the services are broadcast on a number of multiplexes across the country with capacity for a certain number of services. These multiplexes are broadcast in different areas/regions via many transmitters across the UK. For DAB, the selection of stations you receive will depend on where you live.

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You’re right, missed that…

Any recommendations what part numbers to get to get all the euro stuff working?

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