F9 maps ford fiesta st 2020

my fiesta st mk8 2020 original sync 3.4 build 19274
can i update to f9maps when i used the original maps update from a ford kuga 2020?
does this work or wil i brick my system?

I believe map updates downloaded from Ford are specific to each VIN/ESN and will fail to install on other vehicles other than the one is designated for.

This isn’t a factor when reformatting but you DO NOT want to do that since you have a 2020 MY car.

Depends on the region

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Guess there is no harm in trying to install it. It’ll either work or it won’t

its a eu car from the netherlands

That is true for NA, but I think EU does not have that restriction. You should be able to obtain maps for EU by submitting your VIN on the Ford EU maps website. I don’t know that web address, but Google is your friend…

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