Factory firmware and calibrations for the TCU

Tell me how can I find out the factory firmware and calibrations for the TCU module of my Ford Escape 2020

Use FORScan (paid version) to download the firmware files.

FORScan Software Version 2.4.x Releases and Information - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

the fact of the matter is that I have forscan and I flashed the tcu module to the available firmware and then threw it into the factory settings by writing instead of 132 133 and now I have a problem that I can’t enter the fordpass menu settings and I can’t understand what is the reason. I am currently in Belarus. but until that moment I had a connection on March 7, I see this on the site cdvt.ford.com, I understand that this modem should not work in Belarus, because it is American. But how did it happen that the connection went through.

today I downloaded the factory firmware that forscan suggested but nothing has changed the menu is not available. Unplugged the battery for 20 minutes. nothing helped.

Although the modem may work in picking up cellular service, you need to authorize FordPass for your vehicle specifically for the market it was sold, unless you change the modem and settings to FORScan. A Ford Escape will never authorize in EU for FordPass, it’s the wrong system. You will need to change the TCU to that of a Kuga, for example, to authorize the vehicle to work on the EU system.

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