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FORScan 2.4.6 is a public release.
FORScan v2.4.6 beta - FORScan forum

You must obtain a paid license to use the FORScan 2.4.x software. This is usually for a single computer, not multiple computer licensing.
Standard and Extended licenses for Windows, version 2

If you are using FORScan to program firmware and you have not read the Program Guide completely, you are required to do so. You should understand the systems you are affecting and the proper procedures for firmware programming.

Updating Module Firmware with FORScan, Program Guide Revised 09/2021
Revised Sep 05, 2021
Link to Programming Guide

From the FORScan team:

Please read the Program Guide before using it, it’s a requirement. Please remember you use it at your own risk. Support and Development teams may not be able to assist you quickly in recovery due to high load and limited resources.

Starting from May 21, 2021, the support service is limited to FORScan users who purchased one of paid products (FORScan Lite for iOS, Android or paid FORScan Extended License). We are sorry for any inconvenience.