File too big to FAT32 in USB Stick

Trying to create a USB Stick to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.4 (South America version) and the file “4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR” is too big [4,58 GB (4.927.027.919 bytes)] to file system in the USB Stick (FAT32) and the application stopped creating the installation. Needed help.

What are you trying to do?, can you paste a screenshot of the “error” or configuration?.
By the way, USB should not be FAT32 but exFAT.

Just trying to create the USB Stick.
I’ll try with exFAT, I’ll comment after that.
Thank you.

You are welcome, but then I feel you are doing something wrong, since you didn’t provide a screenshot with the app configuration you are using and you are manually formatting the USB…

The app is an automated process from start to finish, if configured correctly it will format the USB as required without your intervention other than configuring the app.

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With my USB Stick pre-formatted in FAT32 the application reformatted to FAT32 (automatic).
I manually reformatted to exFAT and the application reformatted to exFAT.
I think the application just do a quick format with the default configuration, as a suggestion the app should force to exFAT.

If that’s the case, then you are 100% correct: the app should do that by itself.
I’ll report internally for troubleshooting, thanks for pointing that out.

I’ll leave the thread open until you confirm the USB has been created correctly, would that be ok?.

The USB Stick is correct created, but after upgrade my SYNC 3 now is unable to run the navigation System.
The Map version I used is “2.20 (2020) - ANZ, SA and TW” (I live in Brazil).
What should I do?

This is not possible the code does a full diskpart clean and then ensured MBR and creates a new partition as exfat.

This happen to me, the Stick was in FAT32 and still as FAT32 during the process until the error of too big file.
After a manual format to exFAT everything ran correctly.
If you want I can reproduce and take some print screens.

BTW, I did a master reset and my SYNC 3 is running well so far.

Just to confirm: after the required master reset, NAV works and everything is ok, right?

:+1: Running smooth so far

Awesome. The master reset was a requirement described in the tutorial, it clears those issues after an upgrade.

I’ll leave the topic open for the other issue if required.

Sadly I can’t reproduce anymore, always I try to to format to FAT32 the app converts to exFAT.
What I did in the first time was that I didn’t create a USB Stick directly, I saved to a Directory/folder in my HDD and some time after with the app opened I created the USB stick. I don’t know if these step caused the problem.

Possibly, thanks for the additional information I’m currently away from home but will investigate. Can someone raise a issue on GitHub

I will do so and point to this thread for reference.

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Thank you all, @Megavolts66 enjoy the new 3.4.

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