Find my region before cut down navi

What is your SYNC Region? not sure

What is your current SYNC Version? 3.4 20136

Do you have Navigation? Yes 32gb

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

---- no

Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below

Please describe in detail your issue below

Just upgraded my old sync 2 screen and apim to sync 3 with an upgrade kit from aliexpress, all working fine but has no sat nav map on yet, I want to add uk map and British voice only, it’s a 32gb apim with 23gb free space, how do I find what region it is at the moment, the seller from aliexpress installed the correct firmware from my Vin number I supplied, so I take it should be UK region, also the gracenote is (CN-0010) if that makes and difference.
I will use the cut down map service, but just need to find out my region before I go ahead. I’m based in the UK

You can find the region of your APIM by running the interrogator tool and examining your log within the app.

This is located in the utilities tab:

The region is more than likely NOT set to EU as EU nav APIMs are 64GB. You can change the region of the APIM via FORScan but you will also require other modifications to the as built.

Based on the Gracenotes version it seems like the region is likely China.

The seller probably just programmed in your VIN number and that’s it. You will need to change the region and upgrade the software yourself.

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Like @avdonr has said you won’t be EU Nav if you are 32gb, you could be EU NonNav or NA Nav

Note that the current region isn’t that important but it’s used to validate your size information is correct when requesting a cut down UK package, also please note there is a free guide for EU here if you prefer to do it yourself.


Can you tell what region from this thanks

554B is UK.

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So if I now know that my region is set to UK 554B it should be OK to use the cut down navi?
gracenote possibly looks like China, but would that be changed when I apply the cut down navi to EU or UK to match my region,

Yes it should be, gracenotes etc will all change to EU as part of it

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Thanks, just ordered the cut down navi
Thanks for your help guys

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License key sent :slight_smile:

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Downloading now, once downloaded is it just a case of plug the USB in and wait till its finished, do I have to do a reset or anything when it’s done?

All up and running, had to enable Navigation in apim, thanks for your help guys


Great, glad to hear, enjoy it.
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