Focus 2020 Titanium SYNC 3.4 Upgrade

Hi Guys,
I’m new here so I’ll appologise now if I’m posting in the wrong section.

I recently bought a Focus Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 5-door hatch and it currently has SYNC 3.4.20136 with F9 EU maps. All this I updated from the Ford website. However, I noticed that the Sync3 Updater lists a few newer versions of SYNC 3.4 and I was curious to know if I could simply install one of these newer versions simply by selecting to keep the existing maps so that it allows the autoinstall method.

Am I correct in that the latest version will allow the radio logos to appear on DAB mode as many of these logos do not show at present? I’m also assuming that I the APIM is already updated in this 2020 model.

I’m sure you knowledgeable guys here can point me in the right direction.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Yes you can keep existing maps and install just a newer version if you are on 3.2+ already

DAB Logos may show but it depends on your APIM calibration level

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

I have absolutely no idea what APIM calibration level currently exists on this SYNC 3.4 system. Presumably this is not shown on the SYNC screen under About SYNC. If this requires additional hardware/software to check it out then I’m inclined not to mess about with it.

I don’t think I can get in too much trouble by upgrading the SYNC system to something like 3.4.20351. Not sure how often the Ford website updates their SYNC software downloads but this site is clearly ahead of the official releases.

I have now gone ahead and downloaded/installed SYNC 3.4.20351 whilst keeping the existing F9 EU Maps and all seems to have gone through very smoothly. After the key cycle I now have the radio station logos on DAB as I had hoped.

Everything else seems to be working well still but if there are any issues I’ll be happy to let you know what, if any, there are.

I’m very happy to have discovered this website.


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