Follow up to response from F150chief on Sync3.4 and Maps

Hi! @F150Chief you responded (link below)but I did not get an alert so I missed your response from the link below.

I have the 1.19 Maps. I updated in October. So if I just update again Maps will automatically update? I was doubting because the App shows No NAV.

And regarding your question, answer us yes, the instrument panel.


Yes, but since your region seems to be ANZ, you will need to perform a reformat again because you cannot update ANZ maps only since they are locked.

The app will show information based on how you configured it; the app does not know what your car is or what it has, it’s up to the user to properly configure it.

I think Carplay does not work with IPC, and I have my doubts about Android.

So the NoNav option set by the default in the app doesn’t mean maps won’t be downloaded. That confused me.

Thanks. Will update the whole thing/reformat then. Will cry for help if needed!

Possibly, I do not recall what the default is.
But again, it’s up to the user to configure the app (region, current version and if the unit has NAV).

Once you “unlock” that, it will enable you to select maps when creating a new upgrade USB.

Android auto does carplay doesn’t

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@santiargy ,
Did you resolve the issue?

Yes! Thanks for checking. I had in setting NAV set to No. Fixed it. Will download now and install. Merry Xmas!

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