Ford F150 2018 XLT with 4'' non touch screen APIM

hello everybody… yesterday I tried to update my sync 3 APIM with the 3.4 sync with Syn3 Updater and I put all the correct information on the app, like my current sync version that was 2.3.17118… it updated correctly but the software that Syn3 Updater installed was probably the 8" version of 3.4 sync… now my screen is cropped and a few buttons work, still can hear the radio and the reverse camera is cropped too… is there any way to go back to 2.3 version or there’s an update for 3.4 sync to 4" non touch screen APIM? thank you very much

Did you do a master reset after installation?

i can’t do nothing except turning volume up and down… the version installed was for the 8" touch screen and mine is a 4" non touch screen

this was my settings

Syn3Updater - does not support any 4" SYNC 3 units, you need to manually install the 4" package.

how can I do that actually? I tried to install by regular Ford website USB update but an error message appear after a few seconds… I appreciate the help

  • Create a new USB with your current version as source and target, so an autoinstall UBS is created. ONLY SELECT THE APPS PACKAGE.
  • Manually download and copy NU5T-14G381-BA into the SyncMyRide folder (do not uncompress it)
  • Edit the autoinstall.lst file on the created USB changing the file references to the one you manually downloaded.
  • Insert the USB into the car and wait.

That should install 3.4.22200, 4 inch variant. I’m not 100% sure, but I want to avoid you installing 22251, which I know the package for, since 22251 may have issues.

this is the autoinstall created on the USB

whick line I should edit?

That’s not autoinstall, it says reformat mode, literally.
Instead of posting pictures, from now on post logs or text.
If you are forcing stuff, do not force stuff if you do not know what it does.
If you have nav, keep current maps.

Thank you very much my friend, it completely worked… God bless you and I’m sorry about the inconvenience… have a great day

Awesome, glad it work, thank you for confirming.
Take care.

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