Ford Fiesta 2016 sync 3.4 bad working

Hi guys just update my sync 2016 radio to 3.4 and I get the usb hub error (i know I have to change that port) but also I can’t turn off the radio whit the volume noob, I have to secure the car whit the remote to turn off the radio and I tried to downgrade it but the radio just display updating and nothing happened, anybody knows what I have to do to downgrade from 3.4.20351 to 3.3.19052? I tried whit the syn3 updated and still not working…:confused:

thanks in advice for any help…

If you have not done so, perform a Master Reset on the Sync unit. The hub needs replaced but won’t do this.

I made a master reset like 4 times an nothing, disconnect the battery and nothing, remains the same :confused:

Post your log from the USB when you created it to go from 3.4.xxxx to 3.3.xxxx
If it’s not downgrading, we need to see what you created first to see if there’s an error there.

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