Ford Fusion 2016 USA to EU SYNC 3

What is your SYNC Region? - USA

What is your current SYNC Version? - 2.0

Do you have Navigation? - YES

I would like to update sync 3 from 2.0 to 3.4 and upload f9 maps, is it possible with your updater?


CyanLabs does not support changing regions

any ideas? i have alredy change region code in sync to 504c with ucds.

I didn’t say it’s not possible, I said that operation / activity is not supported by CyanLabs.
You can always search / google for information and try it yourself to see if it works, but it’s not supported.

If you have already made the asbuilt changes then you should be able to use our cutdown map option for a small fee. Cut Down Navigation Package - CyanLabs

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