Ford Pass not working after updating Sync to 3.4

I installed a Nav APIM in my Escape and everything went great for months until I updated the Sync on my 2019 Ford Escape from 3.0 to 3.4 and now my Ford Pass is not working. Any idea where to start? Thanks

If you have not done so already, perform a master reset on the SYNC unit and remove the vehicle from your FordPass account. Once done, initiate the pairing between FordPass and your car again by scanning the VIN. After a few moments you should see a prompt on the vehicle asking to link and for data sharing permissions.

I have tried that and still not working. I don’t even see the Ford Pass icon in settings on the screen in the Escape.

When you connect your phone what does the app tell you? Is there an “activate vehicle” button?

Yes. After several min I get an error activating on the app.

I know you have an Escape, but this is all the same for Ford and Lincoln. Read the recent part of this thread for the past 3 months, might help your situation.

Sync Connect Retrofit (in any Ford). - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans

Your APIM values are incorrect or there is no communications between the TCU and APIM. You will need FORScan to adjust the values.

good morning, I have the same problem, but to me shows me everything connects but does not show me info on the android, you can tell me that I would have to modify in forscan

Ford has an app issue with the phone apps, not displaying properly. There is no fix for this presently. There is a workaround for iPhone:

FordPass Siri Shortcuts - Workaround for FordPass App Version 3.13 thru 3.17 for iPhone - Ford / General - CyanLabs Official Community

For Android, there is a similar workaround, but I don’t remember where it was published. You could search for it like ‘Android shortcuts for FordPass’.

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