Ford S-MAX black screen after reboot Sync 3.0 to 3.4 manual method

I use You instructions to update sync 3.0 to 3.4 3.4.22200 with f11 maps. Follows the instructions. As per your tutorial, a system update message popped up on the screen. Then a message to remove the memory stick popped up, the update was successful. The system restarted and then I have a black image and nothing happens. There is no bar indicating the installation stage.
My car: .Ford S-MAX, december 2017 with Sync 3.0,version gracenote
I would appreciate your help

At this point, remove the unit and check the stickers on it (there are 2, one for the screen and one for the unit itself). Post the images here.

Humour me. Try it again and when you get the message to remove the USB, don’t. Wait five minutes with the engine running. The system should bring up screens showing a Ford logo, a horse and a Ford Mustang while it is doing the heavy stuff. That takes the best part of an hour. If you have not seen that stage, this will be the reason you have an inert system.

As far as he told us, the unit does not boot and shows a black screen.

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I wonder if it might boot if he were to put the drive back in. It would be worth a try. It seems to me as though he hasn’t allowed the process to finish.

Always an option, but a reboot into a black screen does not sound like an incomplete upgrade.
If the reformat tool was installed (as deduced by the installation complete message), the reboot would had trigger the reformat phase.
If no USB is found, a screen should appear either way with an error o message to connect an USB.

But since the op went silent, we may never know.
I asked for the sicker images since this may be a MY20 issue.

Makes sense. I just wondered if he had seen the first completion message that happens before the repartition and pulled the drive out early but I suppose then he would have an older but working downgrade so it ought to light up.

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