Ford Sync 3.4 update & enhanced security package

hi everyone,

It seems that by upgrading your Sync3 to 3.4 will make you lose the enhanced security sensor alarm functionality.

Since the security seem to also lock the center console “radio” .

the enhanced security package provides you with extra security measures, such as shock, movement sensor both interior and exterior once the car is locked and armed.

when you turn off the vehicle and before exiting the car, you will have two options that will show in the steering console, “all sensors” or perimeter sensor only"

typically, when you go to settings > vehicle > you should see “alarm” and from there an option that can disable it so that you don’t get asked each time which setting you want.

can anyone confirm if they also lost their alarm ?

You must have an as built setting issue. I have not seen this issue and I do various vehicles, including Mustangs. I have not seen this reported in any forum. If you know of multiple issues or a posting of this issue, could you please post it.

I’m hoping that is the built issue, I have a ford appointment Monday so they’ll check out why the interior sensors or the alarm option is no longer showing on the dash settings.

i will keep you guys updated!

I am happy to report that My 20196 installation on a 2017 Fiesta is is working very well and the alarm functions are all functioning just fine so I suspect that your difficulties are, indeed, in the car’s configuration.
Mine allows me to select either reduced guard or full guard from the instrument panel and I have tried both successfully.

I’m only aware of alarm configuration being done through the instrument cluster not the apim. The upgrade won’t affect the ipc so don’t know what this is referring to.

I did the same upgrade on my Mondeo/Fusion with no issues on the alarm; and so far have not found any other issues. Rather I have noticed aesthetically it looks sharper and the usb drive is found all the time and resumes where I left off. so definitely a win for the upgrade, appreciative of all the hard work put in by Cyanlabs.

Did you find a resolution to this issue?

Guys ford went ahead and verified the issue, definitely nothing related to the 3.4 upgrade but there was a high voltage during the installation (a recall on 2018 models) which caused my system alarm to fail , according to them.

They were able to replace my battery under warranty and fix the alarm as well

I guess I had a bad battery and didn’t properly, but I didn’t run the engine when I was flashing it, that may have been the issue! i apologize for the post thread.

glad that this was nothing related. thank you guys!