Ford Sync Downloader Issues

2019 Ford Ranger, NA Sync 3.3 installed, Maps NA 1.18

I downloaded the installer, followed the instructions, ran the tool, downloaded the files, it prepped the USB drive, then it starts copying the files to the USB and validating the files. Before it shows all the files are copied, the app closes and launches Windows Explorer, and shows the folder with Sync folder. I never get the process completed screen as shown in the instructions. I eject the drive and plug it into the truck, it says installation failed, download the files again and try again (LST_ERRO5).


Use another usb drive something seems faulty with that one. Almost seems like your computer loses connection to the usb mid way through

Thank you for the quick response. Last night I decided to watch the tool perform each action and I started understanding what each step was doing. I watched it download, copy, and validate each tar file. I also wondered if the app or connection was timing out, so I kept engaging with the app by scrolling thru the logs every few seconds. It made it all the way thru the process and I got the success screen!

It’s a new SanDisk 64GB 3.0 drive that I use for all of my map updates. I do think something was timing out halfway through the copy/validate process.

Now to see if the install works…