Ford Sync Downloader - Update only maps

Hi all:

It’s possible download only F9 maps for Sync 3.3 using Ford Sync Downloader?

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not unless you also select the 3.3 option, any update of maps requires a reformat.


Glad you posted this. TY!

Would you advice updating tot 3.4 as well if 3.3 is running OK, or are the risks the same, because of the reformating? My goal is more recent maps.

Thnx, Dion

That’s your choice really.

I updated from 3.3.19052 (from facory) to several 3.4.xxxxx versions without reformating.

No issues until now

Is there a reason for the reformat from 3.3. to 3.4?

No, just from a coding perspective this is more complicated, new version of this app (beta in the discord) will handle this

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Now I’m in 3.4 (20136) official and F7 maps. If I only want update to F9 maps. It’s necesary reformat?
I’m afraid to reformat.

Thanks in advance.

Reformat is recommended, what year is your car?

My car is 2019. My stock version was 3.3.

You can force he install mode to autoinstall but i would highly recommend doing automatic and letting it do the reformat.

Thank you very much for your support.


The original installation Sync sw. makes reformat too?

Not sure what you are asking.

Sorry. I’m trying to explain better. When I download offcial Sync update from ford and intall into the car, it reformat too or reformat method is only for CyanLabs editions (because is better)?

Reformat is a leaked tool from Ford, it works better in my opinion

Thanks a lot for your support!!!

One more question: It’s necessary downgrade?

Sorry Could someone help me with this question?
Thanks ind advance.

The reformat will downgrade you to 3.3 (required) and then use the tool to reformat and install the latest maps and sync version. The reformat tool is blacklisted in newer versions of 3.4 which is why you need the downgrade first.

Download the latest version of the Syn3Updater app and it should write all the files necessary to the USB for you and everything should be done automatically.