Hello, i have bought Ford Edge 2015 from USA, and i want to install European maps to it. Can anyone tell me how to this? Thanks for the answers !

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Changing Region
There are multiple reasons that you may be having issues with changing region,
EU Maps don't fit on NA APIMS.
AsBuilt Region doesn't match map region etc.
Some AsBuilt edits may still be required to enable all functionality on non native APIM’s.

So if i prepare my USB flash drive with your software, when i put usb to my car it doesn’t run? or as you say don’t fit in my car?

EU maps do not fit on NA APIMs

So if i insert USB wit EU maps in will not be installed, or broke my navi?
another question, there is SD card in car, maybe with it i can install EU maps?

I didn’t even notice that, if you have a SD card then you are not Sync 3, you are Sync 2 in which case none of this guide or website is relevant to you.

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And i cant update sync 2 to sync 3?

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You can, but please do your own research as this is very well detailed all over the Internet.

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I sent you a link via PM…start from there.


EDIT: nvm didn’t read the whole thread, ignore this :smiley:

Help, I would like to upload a map navigation from usa to europe does someone have a working link or does someone know where I can order it is sync 3.4


This can be done with the Syn3 Updater and a cut down version of the maps, as the whole EU package will not fit on a US APIM. Below is a tutorial to read for what is involved, but it is best to use the Syn3 Updater app. You will need to change the region settings in the APIM using FORScan or other program. This will require a quality OBD adapter.

Please note that CyanLabs does not support changing regions.

This tutorial is for informational purposes.

Tutorial: EU Maps to US Car (3.4 Sync, F9 Maps) - Ford / Guides & Info - CyanLabs Official Community

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Thanks .


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