Ford Transit Sync3 APIM replacement

Hi guys,
I have Ford Transit from 2018 with Sync3. I had many issues over the last year (system hangs on logo, navigation error and it generally became very slow, basically to the point that it’s not functional anymore). I decided to buy another (used one) from eBay. Now I have a problem, because when I connect new unit into the car all I get is a black screen so I’m not sure if I bought faulty one or it needs to be initially programmed for the VIN and only after than it will boot up? I have ELM and Forscan ( I enabled navi on my previous car with sync2).

Before someone recommends to fix my original APIM - yeah I tried with the SW update to 3.4, but USB is not recognised, so I cannot do that like the USB port is dead also (but led is blinking when I plug it in). So at that point I would really like to retrofit new unit into the car but currently it is darkness only :frowning:


Please upload the images directly to the forum, I don’t like clicking links that ask me to enable location and/or notifications (on mobile)

Done, sorry.

APIMs are basically plug and play, unless something was done to them of course.

You say your new APIM does not produce any image, but does it boot?. Even without an image, do the USB ports work?. Of that’s the case, maybe there’s something about the theme selected.

Do you know which version is the new APIM running?.

And also, what version was your old APIM on?

That’s not a APIM model number, infact both your pictures are not the APIM model number.

Is this even the APIM unit?

This is a APIM

INSTANT EDIT: No, this is a ACM not a APIM. You have not replaced your APIM

OMG…I’m embarrassed now :cold_sweat:
Stupid me. At least maybe with the help of this great community I can fix the old unit. I will provide all the the details.

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You have been silent for about 3 days now, so I’m setting an autoclosure of 4 days of inactivity.

Sorry for being inactive but the car went abroad (business vehicle) and I have to wait until we get it back…

Ok, no problem, I’ve defaulted the auto closure for a month.
Keep us updated, thanks.

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Hi guys, since my initial topic was automatically closed because of no feedback (I apology for that because I couldn’t get any further information as my car is not mine and the car it’s almost all the time on the road abroad). So, long story short: Ford Transit 2018 APIM (with EU navigation) died so I’m trying to find a replacement but I’m struggling to find one.

JK2T-188955-FA is original one and I found H1BT-188955-FF in our country but I’m not sure it will fit in the car. Can you please advice or if anyone knows where to buy used one…Probably replaced one will also need reprograming - I have Forscan and some basic knowledge (I use it one time to unlock navigation function on sync2)

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I’ve reopened and merged your new thread with the original one.

Usually APIMs are interchangeable, but the part number you sent before is strange. It ends with 2 characters instead of 3 as they usually do. Is there any special about that unit?. Maybe there’s something specific about Transits.

Whatever you do, do not buy anything from China. Source them from Ebay or something like that, but not from China.

It’s possible, yes.

Ok, thanks SaNdMaN for the moderation and the feedback. For sure I won’t search at China vendors. I’ll try to find one on ebay or at some local workshops.

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