Ford website update after Cyanlabs Update


I recently bought a 2019 Ford Edge in the U.K. and after trying all the legit ways it was stuck on Sync 3.3 and showing no updates on the car or on the Ford website.

Today I have updated to 3.4 using this site (thank you, it worked perfectly, I have donated) but now Ford are showing me a software update!

I have enclosed a pic of the Ford have now said I should install from its website.

Just wanted to get advice before I do anything.


My current Sync software

Since the one you installed with Syn3updater is the latest one, you do not need to do anything.

Hi, the versions Ford are offering me appear to be newer than the ones I can find shown on here?

They seem to be codes from the hardware section? No idea what that means

So seems these are APIM updates that Ford what me to install. Why would Ford send me these after doing the recent 3.4 update thought Cyanlabs?

From now on, do not spam the forums. You sent 3 messages, one after the other.
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Does not really matter what Ford sent you, the one you installed via Syn3updater is the latest available as I said 2 hours ago.

Since you are no longer in the “Ford upgrade path”, does not really matter what they send you, since I do not know which version does Ford think your car has.

You can check the names in the Software Database when it’s back online, then you will know which version those names represent.

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The files in the pic above are mostly software and hardware checks, plus a log file generator for the XML file to return to Ford. Only the Gracenotes, App, and Voice files are relevant for upgrade. Be assured that the files you downloaded from Ford are the same files and revision as the ones available from here. They are the same file size and hash (checksum). You can verify this in the Software Database on this site.

When you go to Ford Owner website and enter your VIN for Sync update, does it tell you that you are eligible for the update to 3.4.21194? If not, then the update you downloaded from Ford would probably not install in your vehicle due to the included software and hardware check files.

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Thanks. This makes sense to me. Thanks for your help.

Sorry! I didn’t know to edit a post. Thank you got your help.

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