Generating a log file

Hi all,

Installed the latest Sync 3.4 update and was wondering about the possibility of either generating the log file (the same one Ford creates after a successful Sync update) the next time I do an update or creating a standalone tool (if possible) to generate the log file.

The reason I’m wondering if this is possible is because I’d like to attempt to update the information on Ford’s servers. Currently when I go to their website it still thinks I’m on Sync 3.0 and they have a button where I can supply the log file that gets generated so that they can update their database.

Any info on this topic would be appreciated.



So as this is not an official procedure updating the Ford site with your current version is not advisable. It will not make any future updates available to you having the version up to date at Ford’s end.

It’s worth mentioning that by connecting via WiFi ford’s severs will update with the version your apim is on, but I wouldn’t advise it.

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