Google Map or Wyze on 8" home screen

I updated to 3.4 on my 17 Edge and everything is working great. I really appreciate the everyone who takes the time to make this update so easy.

Anyway, how do I get either Google Maps or Wyze to show on the 8" home screen cluster? Directions are working on small screen by the speedometer, however I cannot figure out how to show anything other than the large “Maps” button on the home screen.

I even see the add on the install webpage showing Google Maps working on 3.0.

Here is what I’d like it to look like… Capture — ImgBB

But my screen looks like this… 20210202-072438-1 — ImgBB

You can’t get Android Auto or Car Play to show in that section

Depending your region you may or may not be able to show normal Ford Maps in that section, however as you don’t have it already i’m guessing you can’t for your region.

Thank you for the quick reply.

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