GPS redline not works

Hello i updaded my sync at 3.4.20237 but icon GPS have redline not work. Why? Thanks

Downgrade to 20196, some people report this issue on 20237

Vechicle 2017 MKZ Hybrid USA Sync Version 3.4 Version 19101. Using forscan 2.4.3 , IPC configuration Frost TellTale - Disabled, all i did was change that to ENABLE AND Write. Temperature outside 34DegC and this is what appeared in amber!telltale frost
Although this is not related, .If you have Automatic Folding mirrors like i do, disable the automatic feature and switdh to manual. Should be self explanatory why you would want to do this in the winter.


On some models this just works, on others not so much. Which value did you use?
720-01-02 xxxx x*xx
Frost Telltale (FT), FoE Seatbelt Warning Strategy (FSWS), Fuel Economy Format Menu (FE)
0=FT disabled, FSWS disabled, FE disabled
1=FT disabled, FSWS disabled, FE enabled
2=FT disabled, FSWS enabled, FE disabled
3=FT disabled, FSWS enabled, FE enabled
4=FT enabled, FSWS disabled, FE disabled
5=FT enabled, FSWS disabled, FE enabled
6=FT enabled, FSWS enabled, FE disabled
7=FT enabled, FSWS enabled, FE enabled

Using Forscan 2.4.3 , i went to IPC and i believe there were 3 things for IPC Update module IPC As built and IPC configuration. I chose the latter because they were simple enough to figure out.
Frost Telltale in my car was “DISABLED”, however one could click on and “ENABLE” which i did and then i had Forscan “WRITE”. Today the Temperature dropped down to 34DegF and that’s what the picture describes. I did go to IPC As built and noticed as you mention above 720-01-02, but that was it, no other values were shown. Single Statement “FROST TELLTALE” “No FE, No FSWS”


I went back into Forscan to make sure i was telling you correctly and i am correcting myself and apologize for going thru it haphazardly!