Half of screen

hello all i need help i recently upgrade my ford explorer st screen 8" to 10.1" but with the bigger screen i only get half as the old one how can i fix this thanks in advance

Do you have Forscan and an adapter?
I think there’s an asbuilt code for that.

Check these values: Sync 3 APIM Database - CyanLabs - Visual Design Variants (VDV) Sync Versions 3.0 Thru 3.4

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thanks for your response but i do not have forscan just refer me one and i will buy it thanks

Look for a OBDLINk-EX

you need to change theme to ford-ST 10P (not Ford MY20-10P or you will lose ST boot / shutdown animation) using forscan.

Meanwhile, you can manually enter the diagnostic menu, and change it on the fly. But you will have to do that every time you turn it on.

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AB info in the APIM is the problem. You can’t just add a larger screen without changing those settings.

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