Heated seats not working

Update my Sync 3 from 3.0.19205 to the newest 3.4.20196
I have tried to add the heated seats.
I have set in APIM Module Confirguration, Button Icons shows, But icons not working.
Have tried with master reset
Does anyone have any idea on why this isn’t working?

I never got this working on my Focus either, think it’s simply incompatible with older vehicles.

I managed to make it show on my Fiesta before but can’t any more, i think but could be wrong that i haven’t been able to make it show since i fitted the older APIM temporarily. it might be newer APIMs or firmware calibration.

I have the opposite issue. If I enable my heated seats option via FORScan I can use the buttons in the climate tab to turn the heated seats on/off and adjust the level which works. However the buttons on the home screen do not show up like yours do. It’s just a blank space. Seems like the heated/cooled seats options in these newer SYNC builds are being worked on/broken.

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Do they work on the Climate screen and NOT on the Home screen?

A 2018 Focus probably has a JM5T-14G370-xxx APIM, or close to that. These APIM’s worked as far as the heated and cooled seat icons on the Home screen, at least in my experience. If you downgrade to 3.4.19101, I bet they work…

I don’t think it’s possible to enable with the Focus, I have tried various model apims and it seems to be the age of the bcm/fcim that is the blocker. It is actually a pretty old car as far as the CAN networks go with only MSCAN and HSCAN, no gateway modules, HS3/HS4 etc hence why various bits don’t work on it. No way to fit a TCM, climate controls not working correctly and heated seat indicator issues.

I think the CAN architecture is from 2012 since it’s had any significant changes?

You’re spot on it is from 2012 so very old now for the Focus! I have wondered what would happen if I introduced a gateway module…

Thanks for answers
Seat icons only appear on the Home screen.

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