Help failed download!

Hi I’ve just tried to download the latest sync update for my 2017 ranger which was originally running 2.2 version
I’m having trouble downloading the file to my usb stick
Can’t anyone help me solve the problem?
many thanks

Please provide some information, log file, details, region etc.

Don’t have much information on me at the minute as it was on a computer I don’t have access to right now
It was the 4th off last down load region is Europe

This is what it was running before I downloaded the latest sync
It took about 30-40 minutes to download which was a lot faster than it took to download on my ranger yesterday
When I inserted the usb stick into the car an error came on and when I looked back on the computer a lot of the files came up “skipped download”
Now the screen is forzen from the first attempt of download

Not sure why you’ve posted two topics, Ive replied on the other so locking this.