Help with pre-update

Im trying to upgrade my current Sync3 to latest version. Im currently in 3.4.22200 on a 2022 Scape Titanium HEV
When running the interrogator step, i get this error

I would like to be sure on how to proceed, before doing something further.

Will appreciate your help!

Sync_W12T71T9_1FMCU9DZ0NUA46311.xml (10.3 KB)

You have a MY20+ APIM. DO NOT FORMAT. I would use the Ford route from their upgrade site. What are your trying to do that would require Cyanlabs? There is nothing to gain by going to 22251 IMO.

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In fact might be detrimental…the log file shows this is definitely a MY20+.

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thanks to both.
i went the ford route and updated to latest recommended software which turned out to be 22251. With 22200 i used to have a very laggy interface but it now seems to be a little bit faster.
Sync_W12T71T9_1FMCU9DZ0NUA46311.xml (10.7 KB)

can i also ask you about a map updatei saw at ford website?
*is it better to go the ford route for this upgrade as well or could i just pick the map section i want to update from Syn3?
*How can i make sure which region my apim is assigned to?

You would have to go the Ford route.

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