Help with Sync 3 to 3.4 software

My Ford has Sync 3.0, build 19205.
In the cyanlabs update software for windows, it is asking me for current full version sync.
Should I enter 3.0 or 3.0.19205?

Any guides would be appreciated.

Hi, 3.0.19205 is what you need to enter.

ok. Thank you for the clarification.
I have successfully completed the update.

I have a same Sync 3.0, build 19205, maps v. F6.1.
First time upgrade : Error code: INSTL_ERR11 with new map
second upgrade: Error code: INSTTL_ERR1. no map
Please help me!

Post the log file from the USB

Thank you for your attention! I’m sorry I didn’t show up, but I was angry with myself. I deleted the USB, no file. I first reset the software to 3.3.19052 and then installed the map on F9-EU_OLD. It works now. I will try version 3.4.20196 because 3.4.20237 is bad. Can I try the new map? Any ideas from you?

Oh don’t worry.
Make sure you are using the latest Syn3 Updater.
About 20237, it’s not bad. Most users didn’t have issues with that release, just a bunch said GPS icon showed no signal but GPS worked ok.
If it failed, then it’s something related to your download or current setup.

Community often ask for the log file since it contains all information about the setup the user is using.

As you already know, you can’t really brick your unit easily, so even if you face issues it’s almost certainly recoverable.

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