How to change the default country in *voice* navi sync 3.3

My delault navi voice country is set to Germany.
So to set a destination by voice commands in the country I am now (outside Germany) I have to say:
“Change Country”
and then I have to spell the country.
But even after spelling, the system does not respond with all possible spelled combination letters. See picture below:

Is there a way, I can permanently set my voice activated country to another one (not Germany) so I do not have to pass through the above sequence of voice commands every time???

I am not familiar with the changes for EU. @CyanLabs, @Louage might have a comment?

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As far as i know it’s controlled by the region asbuilt setting.

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Do you know which module I have to look for with forscan???


The APIM module, 7D0-02-01: XXXX-####-#### is the country AsBuilt you need to amend. Details are here:

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