How to hide Navigation Button?

I have APIM with NAV. This device was brought into EU from North America. I can’t install all EU maps so I always have to manually “castrate” the update when there is a new version. I want to convert my device to Non-NAV programmatically, or just disable NAV button on device main screen.
I have installed Non NAV update recently but unfortunately the button is still there. And when I press it I see Navigation malfunction error message. I rarely use Ford build-in navigation as there are many Apple CarPlay options out there. Which are by far better that the built-in one.

Is there any way I can hide this button? Anything to do via ForScan?

Many thanks

This will disable it:

7D0-01-02: #X##-####-####
Set above to zero:
0 = USB2 Disabled, Navigation Disabled, Rear EFP Disabled

Thank you! Will try this approach

Many thanks mate!
I followed you advise and disabled navigation.

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