How to Remove the System Volume and Fan Dial UI Pop-up Screen OR Make the UI as Small as Possible

How to Remove the System Volume and Fan Dial UI Pop-up Screen OR Make the UI as Small as Possible?

One of the biggest annoyances that I haven’t been able to figure out is to remove the Volume System UI Screen. I was able to remove the UI for the HVAC Fan Speed but then I wasn’t able to use anything from the UI screen only the Physical HVAC buttons. And not every button in the UI has a physical button so I restored back to stock.

I don’t understand why LIncoln has to make a UI that takes up the entire screen? Every other manufacturer has something very tiny and unobtrusive.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Or could point me in the direction of what asbuilt values to play with?

Try Fmods

While I don’t think there’s a mod for this in particular (and reading over the AsBuilt DB, it seems like this is an option that doesn’t exist natively), I’m interested if OP or anyone else succeeds at this.

I’ve been down a similar path dealing with the ‘popup’ system trying to sort out the Flank Guard function in my C-Max but ran into the same issues the OP did. Either the entire popup system was disabled even for useful popups/alerts or managed to ‘hide’ the popup but the screen could not be interacted with. Or it may have been the latter situation in both cases. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at that code. Unfortunately I have given up on it for the time being with the headaches it was causing.

For reference with the Flank Guard issue: I’ve enabled it to show the parking sensor icon on the rear view camera but it also forces the FG function which has a full screen popup sensor display that normally should only appear when a sensor is triggered at low speeds but with the PAM stuff on the C-Max it pops up immediately below ~5mph even if everything is quiet. It can be dismissed but it is still an annoyance. Here’s a post I made here previously and the second screenshot is the display I’m trying to remove. It uses the same popup subsystem as the repeaters like Volume/Temp/Fan/etc… I have a feeling if a solution is found for either one it will at least give some useful clues for the other if not a full solution.

EDIT: As far as reducing the size, you could potentially check the Fancy Rotary mod? It changes up the style/graphics for the volume/temp repeater so it may have some clues to making it smaller.

Thanks for the replies!

Yeah. I’ve only had success at removing the Fan Speed UI. However, I lost all of the UI controls and could only use the physical HVAC buttons and unfortunately not every button in the UI has a physical button.

I didn’t mess around with the volume because I didn’t really know where to start and I might be going down a rabbit hole.

Yes, reducing the size is my next try. Seems like that might be an easier path. I think I’ll check over at FMODS and see if we can get a modified custom UI that can be as small as possible, but would love to have it disappear all together.

Change the popup to “Horizontal”. This is less obtrusive. Settings are in the database.

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I think I did see an option for that but it still took up quite a bit of room, at least I think it did, that was an option already in Forscan I believe. Thank You though! I’ll give that a try again and see!

I played around with it but the UI screen is the same size as the rotary. The UI of the rotary and horizontal take up the entire screen. if there was a way to make the UI volume/fan window transparent to the background then neither might not be so intrusive.

It used to be transparent in earlier versions.

Not an option…

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This is now the horizontal bar look. It stays for about 3 seconds.

I never even thought to try this tbh! But I like the look! Good to know!

Yeah, that’s horrible. It still covers up the entire screen. The majority of other manufacturers will have just the volume bar either on the bottom or side of the screen and will still give a full view of the screen. There’s absolutely not reason why Ford couldn’t do the same. I would like to remove it altogether if I could, or shrink that window to the smallest possible.

You might want to see if you can go up the Ford chain about it than. Maybe they will put it in a future update if they ever do anymore.

That is what Sync 3 offers. You might find something to your liking by visiting the FMods site.

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