How to solve reformat on sync 3 3.4 and now blackscreen?

Hi all, a friend of mine used the reformat on the native sync 3.4, and now it has a black screen, I immediately told him that he shouldn’t use it, with forscan I saw that I can read and configure the apim module and the car does not generate errors on the form is there any way to recover it ?

You can, depending on conditions.

  • If the APIM is MY20/+, it’s dead.
  • If the APIM is not MY20/+ but the screen is, using an older screen to complete the process would recover the unit.

If there was a solution from an user perspective other than that, we would had posted it already.

It it’s a MY20 APIM, the APIM needs to be replaced.

it’s a my20, it had the factory native 3.4 installed, what are the options that can be attempted to recover it other than replacing it?
surely as I said above with forscan you can find and read the apim module, so maybe it’s not 100% dead

Don’t take this the wrong way, but your friend is not the first (and won’t be the last) that kills an APIM because they just do not read or bypass warnings everywhere.

This means that we know the units are recognized with forscan, yet recovery can’t be performed. I know you are a new user, but Cyanlabs has been around for years now, and I state again:

If I say so it’s for a reason.

Other than replacing the APIM, it might be recoverable if the unit is disassembled and has its eMMC reprogrammed directly with an adapter. We are talking about specialized hardware.
And I said “might” because that’s not 100% guaranteed either, depending on the board.

Again, that can’t be done from the user perspective. If you want to research about that, you should contact Fmods, they may be able to give you more information.

ok okay thank you for the info and good luck

You are welcome, no problem.

Take care.

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