How to Update Syn3 Updater!

I cannot find a way to update from Syn3 Updater to the latest. Do you just run the Installer again? When I start the program, it says its checking for updates but remains

I was trying to make a USB with 3.4.20351 with the 2.2020 NA maps, and I only get the options “no maps” or “keep existing maps”. Read that the Updater should be the most current version.

My last download was 3.4.20351 with NA119 maps, installed two days ago.

Thanks for any assist.

Try changing to the Beta Branch, applying the change and then after restart change it back to Release Branch in the Settings tab.


That worked SaNdMaN, thank you! now.

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You are welcome, glad it worked.
I’m closing this topic now.
Take care.

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Just as a note, not sure why some people had failed updates, i’m aware of it though

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