I can't update from 3.4.19274 to 3.4.20

I have the 3.4 Non-Nav sync installed in my car, I updated it for the first time to 3.4.19274, since then, I can no longer make updates, using Syn3 Updater, for any of the later versions that is available in the application.

Neither methods, autoinstall, automatic, downgrade or reformat.

Just “Installing updates” appears, but hours go by and do not leave this state.

Can you help me?

Please read this tutorial and follow the instruction for updating.

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@F150Chief, thanks so much for your help! It works!

This was really the problem, there was no space to update.

In case, just to register, I used Syn3 Updater to generate the content of UsbDrive following the order below:
1- I used the APIM Interrogator to analyze the disk space and did not have the 1.5G that is expected for the update.
2- I removed GRACENOTE
3- I used the Interrogator and there was 1.5G free
4- Using Syn3 I put “Force Install Mode” in “Downgrade” and installed version 3.3.19052, just APPS package
5- Using Syn3 I put “Force Install Mode” to “Reformat” and installed version 3.4.20282, just with APPS and VOICE package.

And using Forscan, I made the necessary adjustments, according to the Cyanlabs As-Built Database.

Thank you again!


Thanks for the feedback, Syn3 Updater 2.0 will have a lot of this manual fixing built in :slight_smile:


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