I just Upgraded from Sync 1 to Sync 3 and I need help with the APIM Modules

Hey Ya’ll, Yesterday I Upgraded from Sync 1 to Sync 3 and for some reason the volume controls do not work, but the rest of the buttons do work (On the sync 3 and the steering wheel) For what it looks like I think I might need to reprogram the APIM and I might need some files but I don’t know where to get started, Thank you in Advance

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM Replacement

Old SYNC Version: 1.0

New SYNC Version: 3.0

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Manual Method

Let’s start with what car model and year is your vehicle and what model and year was the donor APIM came from.
On some cars going from Sync 1 you also have to make wiring changes at the FCIM.

My car is a 2015 Ford focus ST (ST1) and the donor is a 2017 Focus ST (ST3). I have the Vin code of the donor car so if that makes it easier to work with

Im aware of the wiring, I purchased a wiring harness and installed it and everything worked except apple pay and the volume controls.

Thanks in Advance

You probably want the AB from a 2016 instead of a 2017.
2016 was the first year for Sync3 and it is before the changes that were made to the Fiesta/Focus/Escape-Kuga in 2017.

So What I would need to do is Find a Vin code of a 2016 focus ST with the Sync3 system and use https://www.motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt to get the APIM codes right?

What should I do once I have the ab file from the 2016 focus st? is there specific codes I need to change or should I just load all the ab file to the APIM module?

Backup your current one and load the one your downloaded into the APIM.
Loading a factory AB only loads it into the module you’ve got open, it doesn’t load it into the every module in the car.

You can compare them using ASBuilt Explorer.

Thank you! Will try this tonight and will keep you updated in the morning, I have a few APIM codemodule s from a few 2016’s that I’ll be trying tonight

I see that there’s not the same amount of 7D0’s on Forscan for my ST1, but there’s 9 for the other car’s APIM, how do i proceed about this?

Delete your vehicle profile and start a new one for that car. It will update it to show all the lines available for that calibration in the APIM.

Sorry for the stupid question but how do i do that? Am i going to be able to add the new apim module from the st with the 9 module section?

Click on the car icon up op and than go to the vehicles/Profiles tab. Delete the one you are working on. Then start a new vehicle profile by connecting.

You’re doing a mod so things aren’t going to line up since logic gets added or removed when you go between years and versions.

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