📺 I'm off work for 2 weeks recovering from COVID, what TV shows are highly rated? 🤒

Random question I know, but you guys might have some awesome suggestions :slight_smile:

Currently binge watching all of 911 but nearly finished, need a new show to watch, something action, tech, sci-fi etc? Any suggestions?

If you are a Star Trek guy, the series Picard is good…season 1 was OK, but season 2 as awesome, especially if you are a Q fan.
Star Trek Strange New Worlds just started…good in first episode.
I’m enjoying Enterprise, even though it’s older…never watched it when it came out…

Biased, but I’m a Trekker from way back (the 70’s…)


Game of Thrones although I think most the world has seen it by now.

My father is a star trek fan but i could never get in to it :laughing: thanks for the suggestion though

I started watching that but honestly because everyone was disappointed with the ending i stopped at like season 3 or something

Yea the ending was stupid! but honestly until the very last season it was really good. Band of Brothers is another good one but I think everyone in the world has seen that one also.

I mean i haven’t even heard of that so i guess not everyone in the world has seen it :smiley:

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WW2 if you like true story stuff. Great series though.

Yeah not really my sort of thing, something like Blacklist, True Blood, Mr Robot, 24, etc… would be my go to.

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I used to work for Fox Sports (Fox Television) but never watched the shows we produced. Just couldn’t take it home, had enough of that at the office. Especially some of the sports events.

After being in the service and spending most of the '80’s in other countries, I’m more of a good movie fan, not so much serials. And music.

Star Trek: :ok_hand:
Star Wars: :sleeping: (It’s good in it’s own way, although the last movie was awesome. Maybe Disney should have done the whole thing…)

Have you seen Dark?

I am like the complete opposite, I basically watch no movies, except the fast and furious series and a few others

I haven’t even seen StarWars :laughing:

I have not

:laughing: :rofl:

That’s like a Twin Peaks thing? But darker…
How about Resident Alien? Not too bad.

I do like a lot of the Marvel stuff. It’s done well.

Give it a go, it’s a German one…
It’s absolutely a mind f…
I’m not sure how to catalogue it, nor I’m sure I’ve fully understood it hahaha …

I haven’t seen that, so not sure!

Kinda sounds like my opinion of Mr Robot when it ended :laughing:

I’ll have to watch that one. I’ll put in the watchlist for later.

I started watching it, then got bored…
Didn’t happen with Dark, I really enjoyed it…
It’s a bit hard to follow, but it’s a good series.

I’ll add it to my list

So, explain the off work for a COVID vacation thing? Is this the reward you get for getting COVID, they force you to take a quarantine period or what?