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HI all . A friend of mine start updating his car , but he doesnt record the currant version (about sync “info Tap”)

So now he break the Sync3 :). What are the options in this case . Car is produced 01.05.2017 (USA)

P.S. He try to install Europe version . And this caused the issue . Since as is discussed the hard is less then the Europe version . He is not aware that even he install the Europe version 3.4XX he need to use Forscan and coding the needed partions

So now I hope to tell me what to do in order to help him

Option 1 → Install 3.4 USA latest stable image → But in this case what to fill as pre -conditions in “settings” in field “Full Version” and field "Install Mode "

Option 2 → Install 3.4 Europe lateststble image → But in this case what to fill as pre -conditions in the settings . Same as above

I have the VIN number . Is it possible to extract the installed firmware number?


I have moved this to a new topic as it wasn’t particularly related to the old topic you posted in (it was also from half a year ago).

As for your situation it would be best for your friend to install the latest 3.4 North American version. You cannot install European maps onto a North American APIM. There simply isn’t enough storage space and that’s why it is now failing.

Seeing as he is already in the reformat tool, select these options in the updater app and it should get him up and running.

NOTE: Be sure to only select navigation if the car already came with navigation from the factory. You CANNOT install navigation onto a non-navigation system. Since you did not specify this in the original post, I am assuming it is a navigation model as you are trying to install maps.

Hi avdonr,

Thanks for your reply. I am preparing the new USB and will inform for the result tommorow or 1 day later.
One more Q . Is carplay will continue working after the upgrade to 3.4, or I need to change the hardware (usb port)
If I need to replace the usb port connection , can you give me link from e-bay , so I can order this hardware .

For me is imporhanat carplay to continue working so appricate your answer , since I will use it to navigate in Europe streets , since navi is not OK to be installled on USA car as you mention in your post

In what state is the unit at the moment?
I mean, is it 3.4 already? Or red flagged?

I’m asking because if you have a non operating unit due to a failed process, your only solution is to upgrade, 3.3 or 3.4…

About your question, I do not recall users with Car Play issues…


All is OK . 3.4 is perfect . Carplay working
Have a nice weekend and thanks a lot!!!

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