Incorrect Sync3 Update

Ford sent me a link to update my 2021 Ranger Sync3 via usb but unfortunately it was Sync3 + Maps only my vehicle does not have Nav but since Ford sent me the update directly via email I continued and in fact the installation completed but now some things don’t work. Compass stuck on North, There is a Maps folder functioning as a shortcut to my mobile maps app. GPS not found although all satellites strongly visible, my Sync3 system updates stuck on 2014 and should be 2023 (new updates scan says software is up to date at 2014), the clock resets to a different time in about 3 minutes after ignition has been turned off. Since my vehicle is still under warranty the dealer replaced the APIM and TCU but the mentioned issues remain. What are the next steps to fix all this? I will pass on that solution to the dealer. Thank you!

SYNC Region: ROW

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.0.25306

New SYNC Version: 3.4.22200

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
None. (I am not sure of the old Sync3 version before update but in order to publish this post l entered the example version)

Update Method: Official Ford

Unfortunately, you will have to stick with getting the dealer to fix this, as the APIM programming is not compatible with the vehicle. Why they replaced the TCU is questionable. You might try Ford Support and register a complaint about this. There is no solution for a MY20+ APIM known at this time other than jailbreaking the unit and maybe being able to use one of the FMod tools to recover the unit. This is risky at best and will void any warranty.

Thank you F150Chief, I will pass on the information to Ford and the dealer. They are forthcoming because they emailed me the incorrect software in the first place and also my vehicle is still under warranty. I am not sure why Sync hasn’t block the incorrect update at the beginning of the installation ?? But the damage is done and l hope that Ford and the dealer will eventually be able to fix it. The dealer did replaced the APIM and re-programmed it but as said the issues remained and that’s why l reached out to the CyanLabs community. But why did the new APIM and re-programming of it then not solve the damage caused? Will a re-install of the correct Sync3 update perhaps fix the problems provided Ford can “down-date” their database for my vehicle and l can obtain the correct update again? I can unfortunately not use any of the CyanLabs tools due to my vehicle still being under warranty but l can certainly pass on the information and mention where l obtained it. That is the least l can do. Thank you again!

Could it be that when the dealer replaced the APIM that the botched programming of the original APIM was copied 1:1 to the new APIM ?? I will ask and report.

Absolutely. You could bet on it…

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