Installing TCU in 2018 Mustang

I am trying to install TCU into 2018 Mustang I got all the wires connected ForScan recognizes TCU. I have TCU LR3T-14G229-AM. I was following the guide but I do believe I possibly got a TCU that is too new? Is there a way I can downgrade this one? If there is is there a calibration I can have to put on it? The calibrations I see in ForScan are not the ones I need according to guide but I cannot find a calibration anywhere.

A few notes one being is my sync doesn’t pick up the serial of the TCU. However a 21 Mustang GT does so that’s what makes me think it’s too new. Also sometimes I get the hotspot menu to popup in the Sync 3 but most of the time it says Hotspot feature is not enabled in this vehicle. But regardless even when it does popup it’s not functional and the SSID doesn’t even show up. I don’t care for having hotspot honestly just want the remote start features to work.

If anyone has any input that would be great I have hit a brick wall but you guys have been very helpful with a lot of things in the past I didn’t even need to make an account lol.

Your TCU is too new. You cannot downgrade this to make it work either. The reason is that this TCU operates on the HS4 network which you do not have. Even if you add this simple network, it will not work. It would require an L series GWM but adding that causes many more problems. It would be a huge $$$ rabbit hole just for a TCU.

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Would this tcu work JL3T-14G087-CF

I’m assuming the JL3T is the calibration?

Not sure how close part numbers are to Calibrations but yes that would work. This operates on the HS3 network so you should be fine. I think you can go as high as the K series TCU’s on HS3 but I would let @F150Chief double check my answer.


Alright well I got one ordered im waiting on my antenna wires anyway. I appreciate the help I can post if it’s successful or not when I get it.

Works fine.


I have my TCU connected it seems to be working as intended so far I am unable to fully test because I am still waiting on some antenna parts. But my question is why on my sync 3 screen it only shows Vehicle Hotspot it doesn’t show the other one I believe it says connectivity settings. I’m not too concerned because I am still waiting on wires but I still feel like it should be there even if not functional.

I also updated the sync 3 using syn3 updater to the latest software did I update too far?

Pretty sure it won’t be there unless it detects a TCU.

It does detect the TCU everything is connected but the antennas I’m waiting on the wiring to come in.

With the tcu that was too new I was able to get antennas connected from another car but it just wasn’t communicating properly so it didn’t get signal but it was the same only the hotspot menu showed up.

If sync doesn’t see it then it’s likely asbuilt related

So connectivity settings are not an option till you get into the L series TCU’s. Those run on HS4 and use a different L series GWM. None of this would be compatible with your network and you are not able to upgrade to this. I have already gone down this rabbit hole and know it to well.


Will I still be able to use FordPass? I’m just wondering if I’ll still get the message on my sync display telling me to activate without that there.

Yeah I changed all the asbuilt in accordance with guide just didn’t show up which again is fine as long as I can still get the message to pop up for ford pass.

Yes you can use Ford Pass just fine.

Got the antenna everything just worked seamlessly like it was made to do. Appreciate the help :saluting_face:

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There’s the guide you mentioned ?? Congrats by the way

If you’re asking where to be honest there’s like 3 different pages of it. I believe one is on f150 forums and it shows you most of the stuff and has car sdk on it and then the other 2 are on here I just type tcu install f150 on Google. I’m not sure if I can post links or not.

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