IPC issues after upgrade

I’ve upgraded the ACM and APIM in my car (18 Fusion Titanium) to get the more advanced SiriusXM, as well as upgrading the software on the APIM to 22251 (this was quite an adventure, and my AsBuilts are in my thread about that over on the asbuilt board).

My IPC always shows North on the compass, which I’m thinking may be related to my Nav not working. The APIM is a Nav model, and there are no codes relating to the antenna.

I also noticed that in the IPC the HD Radio and Sirius data doesn’t show properly, as shown below.

Has anyone ever seen this and any ideas on what the heck is going on?

I am not sure which IPC you have in your vehicle, but for the radio functions, have you looked at the IPC settings for Entertainment Non-Sync Source - ENSS AM/FM (ENSSAMFM), ENSS CD (ENSSCD), ENSS DAB (ENSSDAB), ENSS Sirius (ENSSS). Look in FORScan for the IPC part number and post it here, I might have the proper asbuilt database for it.

For the Nav function, you say this does not work on the APIM? If not, it certainly will not function on the IPC. Is the IPC always saying North and does not change? You can check the satellite receivers and signal strength in the test menu of the APIM. Did this happen when you switched to the 2019 APIM?

Check this setting:
7D0-03-01 x*xx xxxx xx–
GPS Mount Type (GPSMT)
This should likely be ‘0’ if you have a roof mount antenna.

Did you change out the antenna for Sirius/GPS on the roof?

Link to previous thread: 2019 APIM/ACM in 18 Fusion - Ford / AsBuilt Configuration - CyanLabs Official Community

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I’m going to check the IPC later on today. I have the asbuilt from the ACM donor (2020 Fusion) but not the APIM donor, so I can compare that as well as the info you’ve given me.

As for the antenna, I did double check the mount type and that was correct for roof mount (in that screenshot it may have been different as I was trying to see if that would help but it is back to Roof)

This issue started when the ACM was swapped, yes. If I put the old ACM back in before I did the APIM swap and wiring, the GPS would work. Needless to say, especially without any codes I’m really not wanting to pull the dash yet again.

Did they change the GPS antenna type when they went from Sirius to XM? My car had GPS on the old APIM from the factory but the old one wasn’t X40 compatible.

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The IPC is JS7T-10849-GA

You have a Visteon L3 IPC.
IPC Visteon L3 Database - CyanLabs

Since I’m not there, I have to ask:
Did you connect the GPS antenna for the APIM? Was the open circuit corrected?
Did you use the roof mounted antenna or an aftermarket one?
Did the old APIM have NAV?
When you go to the test menu on the APIM, can you see satellites and read signal strength?

For the IPC issues:
In the IPC, check the asbuilt for the ENSS settings.

The first time I did not have it in all the way :sweat_smile: and it was throwing a code for open circuit. As of right now, the GPS antenna is connected. The old APIM did have Nav and it was functioning.

Bezel diagnostics show no fix and nothing on the signal status pages.

I’ll have to try those sync settings this weekend; I did try some differences from the IPC asbuilt in the donor car but all I got was features that I don’t have showing up.

EDIT: no codes for anything at the moment either.

You have a bad antenna or connection somewhere in the antenna line. Read this thead, The end result was a bad GPS antenna.
No GPS signal after updating from 3.2.18124 to 3.4.21098 - Ford / Help & Support - CyanLabs Official Community

On that note about downgrading, I’m confused if I can do a reformat or not… I’ve seen people say not to on these newer APIMs but I’ve also seen people say if you did JUST an APIM replacement without changing the screen that it’s safe?

I got a bare APIM so I’m still using the screen that came with my car. I’d like to try everything before throwing more parts at it.

Oops, sorry, wrong post. That does not apply to you. I was doing too many things at once, thinking you had a 2020 unit. You are fine to reformat or downgrade.

Downgrading to Sync 3.3.19052 might make the GPS work. If it does, then the antenna and wiring are good. If that works try installing 3.4.21265.

Alright, I’ll give that a shot. The APIM was manufactured 2019, if that matters, and I don’t want to kill it after all the head smashing I’ve done so far getting it to the mostly working state it’s in now :grin:.

Should I try the gyro AsBuilt changes suggested in the other thread as well?

You could. It won’t hurt…

The ENSS settings were set to what was expected (everything but DAB), I set them all to disabled, tried turning on just FM then just Sirius, with the result being the ones that were turned off showing Audio Off when I was listening to that source, and the ones that were turned on still showing as above.

I’m going to try a reformat next for the GPS issue, since that shouldn’t brick my unit and see. It was so bizarre, because when I was doing the initial testing (before I realized you needed the two extra connectors and a newer APIM) popping the old ACM back in would bring it back to life.

Did the reformat and still no luck. No song data in the IPC on FM and SiriusXM, and no GPS. I’m tempted to pop the old stuff back in just to see if GPS works to prove out the old antenna. I can have it done in less than an hour at this point :sweat_smile:

Well son of a B. Popped the old APIM back in long enough to check GPS and it pulled a GPS lock within 10 seconds. :melting_face:

This just keeps getting crazier…

Thats odd because the IPC has nothing to do with GPS other than repeating the info on the Can Bus.

The GPS Antenna is on the roof for a 2018. That goes for both types of antennae that were available.

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Mine is antenna type 3. What exactly is that splitter in the middle doing? Are they just using the same antenna for SDARS and GPS?

So the antenna is different throughout the years yes. The Fusion started using the roof antenna for the GPS in 13 but what signals it received changed in 18+(Sirius 360L). The splitter just splits the Sirius signal with the GPS signal. This split is behind the glovebox and is common throughout the Ford models.

Sounds like a bad APIM. Check the APIM GPS system…
GPS Hardware Test: The Compass/Navigation is Inoperative or Does Not Operate Correctly. (No GPS) - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community

You want to make sure there is voltage on the GPS connection.

You have the ACM and APIM connections correct. right? There is a DC blocker in the splitter. Seems likely this is correct if it works with the old APIM.

Is your IPC showing song info when played through CarPlay or Bluetooth?